The III International Scientific and Technical Conference “Scientific and Technical Progress in Ferrous Metallurgy-2017” will take place in recreation facility Torovo (District of Cherepovets, Vologda Region) on October 19-20, 2017.

The organizers of the Conference are:
PAO Severstal
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Cherepovets State University"

We invite scientists and research teams in the field of ferrous metallurgy as well as representatives of the enterprises working in the sphere of metallurgical production to participate in the Conference.

The work of the Conference is planned in the following directions:

  • the development of the theory and processes technology of metallurgical production;
  • the improvement of quality and productions, decrease of expenses in ferrous metallurgy;
  • the prospects of development of new products in ferrous metallurgy;
  • predictive analytics in terms of increase of efficiency of production and engineering procedures;
  • modern modeling approaches of properties of materials and parameters of processes technology;
  • automation of processes and systems of metallurgical production;
  • modern approaches in the field of air and water protection, and also in the sphere of waste management;
  • practice-oriented approaches of training of specialists for metallurgical branch.

Sections of the Conference:

1. Coke-agglomeration production (location: recreation facility Torovo)

2. Steel and rolled metal production (location: recreation facility Torovo)

3. IT and automation (location: recreation facility Torovo)

4. Ecology, technical gases and waste recycling (location: recreation facility Torovo)

5. Training of specialists for metallurgical branch (location: Cherepovets State University, recreation facility Torovo). 

Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.